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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Benefits

Of course. We would never make that up. Speak with one of our Customer Experience Specialists and they'll get you ready to enjoy a test drive that lasts 24 hours. We will require proof of driver's license and some restrictions do apply.
Yes, we do require a few items, such as: 

Adequate insurance coverage, i.e., comprehensive and collision. To prove this, you can bring a copy of your insurance or call your insurance company when you come to pick up the vehicle. If you don't have this insurance, no worries, you can still enjoy a traditional test drive.
Like any test drive, we will need to see a driver's license. In addition to your license, we need proof of liability insurance, and if you're taking advantage of the 24-hour test drive, you also need comprehensive and collision coverage.
Saskatchewan deliveries are free of charge to any location within the province. If you are requesting delivery to another province, there will be a small fee. To learn more, speak with a Customer Experience Specialist.
There are some restrictions with the 30-day money-back, such as how many KMs are added to the vehicle, but as long as you have driven less than 500 Kms from the time you left our lot, and the vehicles is in the same condition as when you purchased it, we will be happy to help you return it within 30 days. 

If you used a vehicle with negative equity toward the purchase of your new vehicles, you will be required to repay it or finance it with a different vehicle based on approval. Returns may be subject to a restocking fee.
It's easy. If you aren't fully satisfied with your purchase, bring it back to FFUN Cars, we'll verify the car's condition, check the odometer (must be less than 500kms from the purchased milage), and if all checks out, we'll complete the return. Please note that it can take up to two weeks for your refund cheque to be mailed out. 

We do only allow one return per calendar year. Any additional ones will be looked at in a case-by-case situation.
100%. Every vehicle we sell includes a 90-day/3,000KM FFUN Cars limited warrant. Ask your Customer Experience Specialist for details.
Great question, this isn’t an extended warranty, it’s a standard warranty we provide on our vehicles to ensure they live up to our high standards when they drive off the lot.Included in the coverage are: 

- ENGINE – Cylinder block, heads, all internally lubricated engine parts, manifolds, timing gears, timing chain/belt, flywheel, oil pump and housing, water pump, harmonic balancer, OHC carriers and covers, valve covers, oil pan, engine mounts, turbocharger/supercharger housings, internal parts, valves, intercooler.

 - DIESEL ENGINE – All of the above listed parts, PLUS Diesel Fuel Injection Pump, Lines, Nozzles, Vacuum Pump. 

- TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE – Case (if damaged from within), All internally lubricated parts, Torque Converter, Transfer Case, Encoder Motor, Vacuum Modulator, Transmission Mount, Master Clutch Cylinder. 

- FRONT/REAR WHEEL DRIVE – Final Drive Housing, All Internal Parts, Axle Shafts & Bearings, Constant Velocity Joints, Axle Housing and All Internal Parts, Propeller Shafts, “U” Joints, Hub Bearing Assembly, Locking Hubs, and Supports.

*Benefit valid on used vehicles 2016 and newer with less than 150,000 KMs. See dealer for details. Certain conditions may apply.

Questions About Financing A Car

Absolutely. We have multiple financing options for you and in addition to working with some of the big banks, we also have FFUN Cars Financing, a division of FFUN Motor Group. In most cases, it only takes a few minutes to get your vehicle financed and you on your way.

Just like any loan you apply for, financing your car does involve reviewing your credit report as part of the application. When getting vehicle financing, credit reporting systems recognize that it is most likely for comparison purposes, so all auto-related financing inquiries are considered one inquiry if they are done within 14-45 days.

Whether this is your first car or tenth, all FFUN Cars customers get the same experience, including car shopping convenience, non-commissioned salespeople, and no-haggle pricing.

You bet. We want to help you with your credit situation, not punish you. All of our customers, no matter their credit situation receive the full FFUN Cars experience.

Sure, if you want but know that it's not needed. We work to get you approved on your own, without having to ask a friend or relative to co-sign. If you are interested in having a co-signer, we can walk you through what that looks like for you and the co-applicant.

That's great that you were able to get finance elsewhere. To complete your vehicle transaction, we will need you to provide a certified bank draft, cheque, or other proof of financing. We're happy to help with any of that.

100%. If you can get a better financing rate within three days, we will gladly help with the switch at no additional cost to you.

Nope. The price you see is the price you pay. All of our team is non-commissioned so they can focus on helping you find the right car and not the price of it. We're transparent and offer a no-haggle experience.

We have a great relationship with all the major Canadian financial institutions, plus we have our own in-house financing as an option.

You bet! We want to help you get your next ride, regardless of your credit history.

You don't need to have a down payment, but if you do that's great. We want you to be happy with your purchase and your monthly payments, so down payment or not, we'll get you in that car you love.

Sure! A car loan is a great way to start building your credit and we have specialists to help you with this type of financing.

We can't guarantee we can lower your interest rate, but we will try. If you've been paying your auto loan on time at a higher interest rate, let us help to try and get that lowered. Come back to us for another vehicle and will get you an even better rate on that one.

Questions About Trade-In Or Selling A Car

Of course! If you aren’t buying a vehicle from us, we’ll buy your car for the same price as if you were

Part of our no-hassle experience is offering the best value for your trade the first time. The offer you see is personalized to your vehicle and good for seven days.

Whether you come into the store or go online, your offer is determined through the same process. With online offers, we do confirm the condition of the vehicle in person and the only time the offer changes, when done online, is if the vehicle is in a different condition from the information you supplied.

Not at all; we’re always happy to help you in person if that’s what you prefer. Stop by or make an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

You have seven days to cash in on your offer by bringing your vehicle in during business hours or making an appointment. At that point, we will confirm the condition of the vehicle, do up the final paperwork, and you’ll be on your way with a cheque in hand.

At FFUN Cars, it's all about the car buying (and selling) process, your way. If you would prefer us to come pick-up your vehicle, we're happy to do that, location dependant. Chat with one of our representatives to coordinate, or at anytime, bring your vehicle to a FFUN Cars location.

Well, we can't give up all of our secrets. But the long and short of it, is we take all the information you provide about your vehicle such as the year, make, model, and odometer reading, look through the vehicle history report and then compare it with the current market value. Once you bring your vehicle in, we do an additional inspection to look for any incidentals or potential repairs that may have been missed in the initial input. Outside of that, our technology does the talking!

You only need the following items when you’re ready to complete the sale of your car, not to get an offer.

  • The title on the vehicle showing any amount still owing
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Government ID for all owners
  • Any sets of keys and remotes

Once you’ve brought your vehicle in and we’ve finalized all the paperwork, you will have a check in hand within 24 hours.

If you’re using your vehicle as a trade-in, we can look at applying the owing balance to your new auto loan with FFUN Cars. If you’re just wanting to sell us your car, we will determine the difference and you will pay out the remainder of the loan with the sale proceeds.

Questions About Vehicle Quality and Purchase

Every vehicle you see in our inventory is 100% owned by FFUN Cars and you can view it in person at the dealership where it is located.
We stand behind every car we sell and to do that with confidence, we put every vehicle through a 92-point inspection. If the vehicle doesn't pass the inspection, we either repair it or don't sell it. We also ensure all our vehicles are free of flood and frame damage. To view the inspection report, click here (CTA)
Absolutely not. Every vehicle has been repaired and reconditioned to the highest standard before it goes on the lot. We look at every detail of the interior, exterior, and engine. If it doesn't pass our meticulous tests then it isn't good enough for our customers.
No. We would never expect you to buy a vehicle without seeing it in person and feeling 100% confident with your purchase. Every vehicle you see is ready and available for viewing unless specified.
We are happy to accept cash, debit, personal cheque, and major credit cards.
It's hard for us to give specifics as it varies from customer to customer. The financing/payment method plays a factor in the type of documentation needed. To fully determine what is required, speak with your Customer Experience Specialist.