Flexible Financing

Credit doesn't have to be a bad word. Low rates, less stress, and zero closed office negotiations. Just another reason why 90% of our customers finance their vehicles.

Fast, Simple Financing, Done In An Hour

No one wants to spend hours in a dealership waiting to hear back from the lender. We've got all of them on speed dial. Over 15 lenders to choose from, including our own in-house option. If you need a rate, we'll get you the best, and you'll be out the door in under an hour.

One Price
For All

We want the entire process to be pressure-free; that’s why we have a one-price strategy, meaning it doesn’t matter what financing rate you qualify for, the price of the car stays the same. Get the car you want and a bit of extra money in your pocket.

No Situation We
Haven’t Seen

We aren’t strangers to any situation. If you’ve claimed bankruptcy, gone through a divorce, do seasonal employment, are new to Canada, or have another unique situation, we have a financing option for you.

Give Us Some

We aren’t the typical shady dealership and have a financing program designed to help those with some “not-so-good” credit scores approved while being able to offer those with great credit the lowest interest rates out there.

Frequently Asked Financing Questions

Understanding financing can be challenging, so we've put together some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Absolutely. We have multiple financing options for you and in addition to working with some of the big banks, we also have FFUN Cars Financing, a division of FFUN Motor Group. In most cases, it only takes a few minutes to get your vehicle financed and you on your way.

Just like any loan you apply for, financing your car does involve reviewing your credit report as part of the application. When getting vehicle financing, credit reporting systems recognize that it is most likely for comparison purposes, so all auto-related financing inquiries are considered one inquiry if they are done within 14-45 days.

Whether this is your first car or tenth, all FFUN Cars customers get the same experience, including car shopping convenience, non-commissioned salespeople, and no-haggle pricing.

You bet. We want to help you with your credit situation, not punish you. All of our customers, no matter their credit situation receive the full FFUN Cars experience.

Sure, if you want but know that it's not needed. We work to get you approved on your own, without having to ask a friend or relative to co-sign. If you are interested in having a co-signer, we can walk you through what that looks like for you and the co-applicant.

That's great that you were able to get finance elsewhere. To complete your vehicle transaction, we will need you to provide a certified bank draft, cheque, or other proof of financing. We're happy to help with any of that.

100%. If you can get a better financing rate within three days, we will gladly help with the switch at no additional cost to you.

Nope. The price you see is the price you pay. All of our team is non-commissioned so they can focus on helping you find the right car and not the price of it. We're transparent and offer a no-haggle experience.

We have a great relationship with all the major Canadian financial institutions, plus we have our own in-house financing as an option.

You bet! We want to help you get your next ride, regardless of your credit history.

You don't need to have a down payment, but if you do that's great. We want you to be happy with your purchase and your monthly payments, so down payment or not, we'll get you in that car you love.

Sure! A car loan is a great way to start building your credit and we have specialists to help you with this type of financing.

We can't guarantee we can lower your interest rate, but we will try. If you've been paying your auto loan on time at a higher interest rate, let us help to try and get that lowered. Come back to us for another vehicle and will get you an even better rate on that one.