More Than A Referral Fee, You Can ‘Drive For Free’

We sell cars, we aren't mathematicians. But with the new FFUN Cars Drive For Free program, even we can calculate this is the richest referral program in Canada. Earn up to $7,500 in cash.

How to claim your FREE $7,500:

  • 1st referral earns $500 
  • 2nd referral earns $1,000 
  • 3rd referral earns $1,500 
  • 4th referral earns $2,000 
  • 5th referral earns $2,500

With the average monthly payment of a vehicle being just under $500 ($495 to be precise), all you need to do is to refer one friend or family member, and you're driving for free - plus a few bucks to buy yourself a coffee. Refer more than one and think about all the goodies you can buy. Driving doesn't get much better than driving for free.


Claim Your Payment

Who Should We Make the Cheque Out To:

Who Is Getting The New Ride:

I consent to receive electronic messages from FFUN Cars containing sales promotions, product offers, special events and other information relating to their products and services. I understand that I may withdraw consent at any time. Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details.

FFUN Cars Upgrade Program

Referrals aren't the only way to make some extra cash.

When you purchase a vehicle from us, you join the FFUN Cars Family, and there are benefits to that. Discounts, and who doesn't love discounts? For all repeat customers you automatically receive $500 off our market-priced online value on the next vehicle you purchase from us.

And you thought not having to negotiate on price was already awesome?! Time to save even more.

It's all part of our master plan, building a community of car buying geniuses. Find your next ride today.

Drive For Free FAQs

The FFUN Cars Drive For Free program hinges on one important fact; your friend buying a vehicle. If you have filled out our form above, once that purchase is complete and funded, your referral cheque will be cut. Then the only decision is whether you want to come pick-it up or have it mailed to you.
We love to give extra incentives to our existing customers for spreading the word on their amazing experience. If you have bought a vehicle from us in the past, you are eligible for the FFUN Cars Drive For Free program. However, be advised that because of some provincial restrictions around cash rewards, the program is not available at all locations. Just reach out to see if your location qualifies.
Well, that’s never fun having to follow-up. If you haven’t received your cheque yet, it’s either because: A) The form above was not filled before a purchase was made. B) Your friend has not yet completed their purchase. C) The cheque got lost in the mail. Easiest bet is to contact us directly by phone or email and we will dig into the details for you.
No fancy fine print needed, if you want to Drive For Free, here’s what you need to know to claim your cash. 

  • First instance of vehicle inquiry must be through the FFUN Cars referral form. 
  • Any alternative routes at dealer’s discretion. 
  • Those being referred, must purchase within 60 days of referral being shared to qualify. 
  • Referral fee will be paid within 30 days from vehicle purchase. 
  • Five referrals must take place within a 24 month period to qualify. 
  • After five referrals, value earned will vary. See dealer for details.